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Dyke Sluiceway in Plattling

The extent of services provided included the renovation of two sluiceways on Plattling's Hafner mill stream and on Wasing's mill stream into the Isar. (Isar-km 8.1 and 9.6)

The individual services included:
Sheeting of trenches using sheet piling: ca. 1475 m² (4839 sq. ft)
Sheet pile cutoff wall: ca. 400 m² (1312 sq ft)
Digging of trenches (removing embankments): ca. 3500 m³ (11,483 cubic ft)
Digging of pits: ca. 3000 m³ (9843 cubic ft)
Concrete work: ca. 550 m³ (1804 cubic ft)
Slide valves: 8 total
Aluminum stop log gates: 32 pieces

Owner: Wasserwirtschaftsamt Deggendorf
Construction Period: November 2007 - March 2008
Contract Value: ca. €1.2 million


Project Pictures:

Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)English (United Kingdom)
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